When you regularly work with multi-million dollar cars and collections like we do at ESOTERIC, it’s easy to become a bit of a microfiber snob so to speak…only the absolute best will do! We cannot afford to worry about microfiber towels scratching or marring the finish after spending 30 or 40 hours of polishing, so we’re constantly on the lookout for the best towels we can find.

We were able to source not only the finest microfibers we have tried, but we were also able to get them in our corporate colors – RED and BLACK!

These plush towels are great for removing wax, finishing polish, quick detailers, or as the final wipe in your coating removal process. For those of you who are spec-geeks, these towels are 450 GSM.

If you’re like us, and want only the highest quality microfiber towels touching your prized possession, then do yourself a favor and pick up a handful of these ESOTERIC Ultra Premium Microfiber Towels!

Red 16″x16″

Black 16″x16″

Red 16″x24″