Once you try the High Performance, made in Japan, auto detailing tape from KAMIKAZE, you’ll never want to go back to your cheap stuff again!

This is the absolute best and easiest to work with tape that we have ever used…and we have tried a lot. It’s easy to work around corners, it easily conforms to uneven surfaces, and it doesn’t get adhesive residue everywhere like most others will. One of the biggest differences you’ll notice is when you’re wiping off polish residue by the edge of a taped area. Most tapes will release adhesive on the edges, which gets into your microfiber towel, which then sticks all over the surface that you just spent so much time polishing! But with the Kamikaze Auto Detailing Tape, you won’t experience that.

And for those working on delicate surfaces, or vintage cars, you’ll want a tape like this to be gentle and not cause any problems with peeling paints, chromes, or other.

Sure, it’s a premium compared to other products on the market, but once you use it, you’ll realize it’s worth every penny!


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