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Learning on your own can be slow at best, and there is simply too much conflicting information on the internet on how to really become good at professional detailing. You desire to excel amongst the competition, but you don’t know where to start.

You can trust us as your guides! Since 2012, we have been training aspiring professionals from around the globe on how to polish paint at the highest level, and how to create a more successful and profitable business.


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You will learn the paint polishing skills to produce the best finish possible.


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We limit our classes to a max of 5 students at a time so you benefit from more one-on-one training.


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The professional trainers and the entire staff at ESOTERIC all work together to make sure your visit is first-class.

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Elite Detailer Academy – Full Details


Over the years of writing detailing articles and educational material, we received countless requests for auto detailing training from professional detailers that were interested in stepping up their paint correction skills. Given that demand, I established the ESOTERIC Elite Detailer Academy where detailers from around the world can attend and learn not only the most modern and responsible paint correction techniques, but they will also be trained on a wide variety of products and tools that they might not have had had exposure to otherwise. 

This intensive 2-day course will be held regularly at the beautiful ESOTERIC – Fine Auto Finishing headquarters in New Albany (Columbus), Ohio.

The Elite Detailer course is recommended for both seasoned veterans, and those new to machine-polishing. The class is limited to just 5 students and is taught by a Master Detailer who still actively perfects cars using modern tools, products, and techniques. 

While predominantly attended by new detailers, or those ready to start a detailing business, we also have plenty of students who have been detailing for many years but wish to improve their skillsets.

The small-class setting allows us to closely monitor and personally educate each individual student, and when complete, you will have the machine-polishing skills to bring a car’s finish to the next level and beyond. 

Your complete guide to mastering paint polishing:

  • ½ day of comprehensive classroom time discussing a variety of Detailing Subjects, Product Recommendations, and Pad / Polish combinations.
  • 1 ½ days of hands-on machine-polishing
  • Curated product recommendations for all areas of detailing
  • Hands-on training and familiarity with a variety of Rupes D/A polishing machines
  • Process-development for effective and efficient paint correction
  • How to safely polish complex curves, contours, and edges
  • Introduction to compounding (heavy defect removal).
  • We will complete a paint correction detail on day 2
  • Training to be conducted by Todd Cooperider, Founder of ESOTERIC, and DJ Mayo of DJ Mayo Studios
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Student Wholesale Discount Program from EsotericCarCare.com
  • Recommended for both seasoned veterans, and those new to machine-polishing
  • Limited to 5 students per class

9801 Karmar Court
New Albany, Ohio 43054