How to detail your car? How to properly wash your car? How to polish a car? What are the best detailing products? These are all very popular questions and article topics in the detailing world, and unfortunately there aren’t many places where do-it-yourself types or even professional detailers can go to get (good) information on these subjects.

Forums typically aren’t a good source of proper information since you have to spend hours searching and sorting through comments, and you have no idea who actually knows the trade versus the person who simply has a lot of time on their hands to make posts (news flash…he/she with the most posts isn’t the most knowledgeable…just the person with a lot of time available!).

And other resources available can be inconsistent as well. I have even written a lot of articles in the past for other websites, but quite frankly the majority of it is out of date as technologies and processes change rapidly. So if you are searching for information, and find some good articles, be sure to check the date of the information. Detailing articles aren’t like a fine wine that gets better with age…they’re more like a jug of milk that quickly expires!

After taking a few years off of writing to focus on expanding my business, I have decided to get back to the keyboard and start sharing some valuable tricks, techniques, and technologies that are available in the detailing world today. Here at ESOTERIC we are continually testing and putting products and techniques through their paces. We work directly with manufacturers on the product development side of the equation, we work with and train professional detailers from around the world in our Elite Detailer Academy, and most importantly, WE DETAIL EVERY SINGLE DAY! Most suppliers of products and information are far removed from actual detailing, and simply buy/sell whatever is the latest trend without having a close relationship in working directly with the products.

As we move forward with our auto detailing Learning Center, we will do our best to continually provide updated detailing training and educational material for all types of detailers…weekend warriors to veterans in the industry. Please be sure to check back regularly as we build our database of articles. There will always be something new, and something for everybody.

Planned topics / categories for the ESOTERIC Learning Center:

  • How – to detailing articles
  • Product comparisons
  • Detailing Tips
  • Showcase of full details
  • Product reviews
  • Industry news
  • And as always with ESOTERIC, we will have plenty of high quality photography as well!

We look forward to becoming your primary source for detailing educational material!

Best regards,
Todd Cooperider, President
ESOTERIC – Fine Auto Finishing