On rare occasions a product is introduced to the detailing world that really stands apart from everything else, or establishes an entirely new category. This is exactly what KAMIKAZE did when they introduced OVER COAT…The Ultimate Sacrificial layer Coating!

OVER COAT is designed to be (easily) applied over the durable base layer coating…which could be ISM COAT, MIYABI COAT, and other brands of glass, ceramic, or polymer coatings. OVER COAT will take the abuse of the elements, while protecting the under layer. And since it’s so easy to apply and work with, you can quickly maintain your coated vehicle every month or two (durability however is listed as 3-6 months).

Besides being very easy to apply (wet or dry!), OVER COAT has some of the most insane hydrophobic / water beading properties available! It can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim, or rims.

The water based formula is non-solvent, VOC free, non-wax, non-PTFE, and non-polymer. A truly unique product indeed.

The special formulation of hard resin and Siloxane can also perform light filling and cover small swirls or haze in the paint for those who haven’t had their paint perfectly polished.

So given the fact that OVER COAT can be applied wet or dry (easy use like a quick detailer), it is designed as a sacrificial layer for ALL types of coatings, can be used on most areas of the car, is capable of light defect filling, and has crazy water beading characteristics…this will easily be the #1 seller in the Kamikaze line!

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