This is THE definitive reference article/video on how to properly use Leatherique for leather cleaning, conditioning, and preservation.

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil, when combined with Prestine Clean, creates the absolute best leather care system in the business. This is not marketing hype, or paid product endorsement…it’s fact within the automotive detailing, preservation, and restoration businesses. And not only that, it’s been that way since 1968 when it was originally developed by George Pavlisko Sr. George and Leatherique literally wrote the book on leather care and maintenance, and to this day Leatherique is still owned and operated by the Pavlisko family (now by George, Jr.).

We at ESOTERIC have been using the Leatherique system within our detailing studios long before we ever started selling products. We use it on brand new cars to start them off right, we use it to maintain leather and give them a deep cleaning/conditioning, and we use it to preserve museum-quality vintage vehicles as well. We have tried a lot of products in the business, but we choose to use Leatherique because of the quality of the product and the results we consistently achieve. As with the other products you’ll find on, we sell what we use, not the other way around! So when you’re making your Leatherique purchase from us, you know that you’ve got a tremendous amount of experience behind the sale, and we can provide a level of technical support that other resellers simply cannot provide.

Leatherique Rejuvenator and Prestine Clean can be used on any type of leather, new or old. The all-natural product is water based and has no oil in it despite the old-timey name. Leather manufactured within the past 25 years or so does have a protective coating on it, but this coating is water resistant, NOT water-proof! Leatherique Rejuvenator deeply penetrates the hyde to clean and condition the leather.

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