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The ESOTERIC Elite Detailer Academy

Who is ESOTERIC? – Video


Chances are good that your journey through automotive detailing and ours is relatively the same. We loved cars, we took a lot of pride in what we drove, and we really enjoyed the feeling that comes from driving a clean car. We all dabbled in detailing, we spent a lot of money on products and tools, and we found that the act of detailing itself brought a high level of satisfaction.

When ESOTERIC was founded back in 2009, it was done because there simply wasn’t any high level detailing services around, let alone ones that brought professionalism and the customer experience to the forefront. We took this passion we had for cars and detailing, and turned it into a thriving and growing business that put the customers first.

This passion, and the desire to bring a high level of customer experience to the automotive community is the same today at close to 40 team members as it was when we started the business all of those years ago. Here at the ESOTERIC Elite Detailer Academy, we are taking all of those learnings and experiences we have had throughout the years, and applying them to the lessons so that you too can achieve success in detailing.

Since 2012, the Elite Detailer Academy has trained hundreds of students from over a dozen countries around the world. From detailing enthusiasts, to aspiring detailers, to seasoned professionals, our training has helped detailers from all walks of life to take their skills to the next level and beyond. Our Academy was also hired by American Honda to train and offer on-going consultation and product support to their Acura division for the development and manufacturing of the NSX.

ESOTERIC Mission, Vision, and Values


Helping auto enthusiasts live their passion with exceptional auto preservation products and services.


ESOTERIC is the unquestioned international leader for exceeding customer expectations in vehicle preservation, finishing, appearance enhancement, innovative product sales, and car-care education.


  • Passion for excellence.
  • Focus on continuous innovation & learning.
  • A place where many want to come and few want to leave.
  • Do what’s right in all cases.
  • Think like a customer and act like an owner.
  • Create the best customer experience anywhere.
  • Create an inclusive, respectful, and fun place to develop a career where opportunities are endless.
  • Produce the highest possible results through constant improvement from research and testing.
  • Operate in a team environment that focuses on advancing the company toward its vision.
  • Over-deliver in every relationship…with colleagues, customers, and vendors.