Enthusiast Detailing Course Overview

Our Enthusiast Detailing Training course was designed for the DIY detailer who wants to journey into Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating, but doesn’t need the advanced topics covered in our full courses. This will provide knowledge and skills to perform single-stage paint correction and ceramic coating applications for all areas of the car. 19 Paint Correction Lessons, and 9 Ceramic Coating Lessons.

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Enthusiast – Paint Correction Introduction

Enthusiast – What is Paint Correction?

Enthusiast – What polishers are must-haves?

Enthusiast – What is One-Step Polishing?

Enthusiast – Levels of Paint Correction

Enthusiast – Wash / Decontamination Process

Enthusiast – Using Inspection Lights

Enthusiast – How to Break Up Panels?

Enthusiast – Holding Machine, Stance, Body position

Enthusiast – Complete Cycle Demonstration

Enthusiast – How to Use an All-In-One Polish

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