Being an enthusiast detailer can be quite rewarding, and in many ways very relaxing as well. We all share similar stories in how we got interested in it, and what our journeys have been throughout the process.

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Why Detailing?

  • We just love cars.
  • It enhances the pride of ownership.
  • We love the special feeling that comes from driving a clean car.

But as we have followed the proverbial rabbit down the hole as it relates to detailing education, we have been faced with barriers that have prevented us from taking our skills to a higher level.

Barriers we face.

  • Who is a “trusted source” to learn from?
  • Too much contradictory and confusing information out there.
  • You can’t find all of the information in one place.
  • Too much time researching

If we can simply break down those barriers, we have a distinct set of goals or achievements that we’d like to accomplish. In the end, we just want to be better detailers so that we can enjoy our passion for cars even further.

Why learn from ESOTERIC?

  • We have a stellar reputation for teaching high-level detailing for over a decade.
  • Our detailing journeys started just like yours.
  • We have assembled all of your educational needs in one, convenient place. This makes it easier for you, and it saves you a tremendous amount of time.
  • We are professional detailers who actually do it for a living every single day at the highest level.
  • All courses are being taught by Todd Cooperider himself…Founder of ESOTERIC.

Sign up for the ESOTERIC Elite Detailer Academy, and have the confidence knowing that your high level of skills as an enthusiast detailer will ensure that you’ll be driving the best looking car(s) around!

Detailing Education Goals.

  • Gain confidence in your skills.
  • Pride in knowing how to do it right.
  • Learn from a trusted source.
  • Reduce your learning curve.

If this sounds like your story and journey through detailing, you’re in the right place! We at ESOTERIC have been training detailing enthusiasts from over a dozen countries around the world for over a decade. During that time, we have interviewed hundreds of students to learn exactly what is important to them, and we have continually refined the curriculum to best suit their wants and needs. Upon completion of the Elite Detailer Academy you will walk away with a high degree of both confidence and knowledge, and it will have come from one of the most trusted and highly respected detailing educational organizations world-wide.